Glass Reactor system

Soffieria Sestese S.r.l.
Process Systems in Borosilicate 3.3.

Soffieria Sestese was founded in 1984 as a glass
manufacturer specializing in borosilicate glass 3.3 and
quartz components, standard and tailor-made glass fittings.
Our team of employees, technicians, glassblowers, fitters and managers
constitutes a highly specialized and strengthened team able to
coordinate and integrate activities.
The expertise of our glassblowers in borosilicate glass 3.3 is documented
by specific welding licenses.
Our products are created with the highest quality standards.
We continuously implement the very best techniques and
developing projects in partnership with universities and
other research facilities.

Soffieria Sestese is skilled in:

Engineering, production and installation of borosilicate glass plants per:

* Distillation system
* Reaction system
* Concentration system
* Crystallization system
* Dissolution system
* Packed Column Absorbers
* Filters / Chromatographic columns
* Pilot plants into Glove-Box
* Plug & Play Installation

Special glass plants on customers design
Special spare parts for glass plants
Production of standard spare-parts as our catalogue