Glass Reaction system
Lab station


This Reactor is suitably designed for Micro dosage fine chemistry, producing and research of pharmaceutical field. Especially, the reactor is highly efficient to react by minimizing the dead volume. It can be designed and manufactured as follow user’s purpose of phase separator as like azeotropic mixture with Feed vessel, Condenser.


- Easy cleaning process by using Lift system
- Modulab self-developed Mechanical Seal and Impeller
- Possible high speed stirring in condition vaccum

- Capacity : 0.5~15liter
- Pressure : -1.0(FV) ~ +0.5bar
- Temperature : -50°C ~ +200°C, (-80°C~+200°C)
- Material : Borosilicate Glass 3.3/PTFE/PFA

Application fields
- Multipurpose Reaction (Fine chemistry, Pharmaceuticals)
- Separation of Azeotropic mixture
- Crystallization
- Distillation
- Extraction

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